Information cards

Guests at weddings on Sydney boat cruises appreciate detailed instructions

Depending on where your wedding is being held, how far your guests may have to travel to get there and any other plans which you feel need to be imparted, an additional card can be included with the wedding invitation, or perhaps these details can be printed on the back of the invitation.

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Whether to have information cards at all is very much a personal decision. Many couples will choose to email or call their guests to tell them these arrangements, or perhaps put together a wedding website instead.

You may wish to consider the following and decide whether or not you want to give specific instructions to your guests on a separate card which matches the rest of your stationery.

Suggested uses of Information cards

Little things mean a lot

All of these things are optional – but for those of you who want everything to run as smoothly as possible, take the time to run through this checklist and decide if you would like to include any of these ideas and details.

It is very considerate to tell your invitees as much as you can about the arrangements and you can be sure they will appreciate your attention to detail.


information cards



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