Wishing Well / Gift Registry 

Wedding gifts made easy

Whether couples have a bridal registry or wishing well, they want their guests to know the best and perhaps easiest way to give a gift. If you have set up a gift registry, a small card will often be provided with your occasion ID on it.

An alternative to a gift registry is a Honeymoon registry in which a travel agency will be nominated to organise a honeymoon fund. The card presents details of the person to contact at the travel agency and this is a simple way for the guests to make a monetary contribution to the couple’s honeymoon, rather than giving cash or a traditional gift. 

Wishing Well cards

In many cases, the couple will have a Wishing Well or something similar. This is very popular with couples who already have most of the household items they need. A Wishing Well card lets the guests know that there will be somewhere at the reception where they can place an envelope with money inside, in lieu of a gift-wrapped present.

In either case, you can have this type of message printed

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 bridal registry cards and wishing well cards 

Suggestions for typical wording of gift registry/wishing well messages:

Although couples often worry about wording this correctly, guests are almost always happy to comply with the request – it makes life easy and they know that their financial contribution is welcomed gratefully. 

The wording can be in the form of a little poem (just Google “Wishing Well wording” to see the variety), but some of these are rather contrived! It is advisable to suggest that if a guest prefers to give a traditional gift, it will be welcomed – in this way, you are making everyone comfortable with their choice and method of gift giving.

Here are some wording ideas for your choice of gift registry card:


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