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wedding invitation and RSVP cardRSVP (from the French Répondez S'il Vous Plaît) is the traditional way to request a response to your invitation, whether your guests accept or decline.

Some people are happy to put their RSVP details at the bottom of the invitation, while others prefer to include either a separate little reply card in its own envelope with the return address printed on it or a "postcard"-style, with the return address printed on the back. The aim is simply to make it as easy as possible for your guests to let you know if they will be coming.

What to include: RSVP cards will usually have a place for the guests to write their names (you need to know whose response it is!), boxes to tick whether they will be able to attend and often a line to write any special dietary requirements, something that many caterers request you find out in advance.

We can customise RSVP cards if necessary, for example with an extra box if a bus transfer is required, or there is an additional event being hosted, such as a brunch the following day. Keep the instruction brief and don't worry about giving all the information – this card will be coming back to you.

Add an email address: Something that is becoming increasingly popular is to provide the RSVP card with an extra line of text, giving an email address as an alternative way to respond. Given that email is such a quick, easy and convenient method of communication, this is helpful to both your guests and to the person responsible for collecting the information.


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